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Sanduao International High-end Professional Ore Port
Sanduao, also known as Sanshawan. Sun yat-sen loaded it into "The Founding Of The General Plan", known as "In the world, only exist in China" and predicted that it would be built to be a large port in the oriental world. Sanduao and surrounded, east exploded direction only a 3 km wide sea, is a rare natural shelter harbor. From Taiwan strait into sanduao port 30-115 meters, the main channel of depth, ice free 365 days all the year round can be all-weather port operations. The geographical position is moderate, is connected to the south China sea, the north sea, the strategic hub of east Taiwan strait, has always been to trade port. Sanduao began in the tang dynasty in Hong Kong, xing Ming. As one of the busiest ports in fujian. Is the sea port of the characteristics and potential of sanduao can build very large international cargo transshipment port, as international trade and transportation center and distribution center for bulk material transportation. Fujian sanduao international container terminal co., LTD. Was established in November 2005, is a joint-stock private enterprise, located in beautiful scenery, four spring-like sanduao inside China. Company is mainly engaged in port construction investment and operation management. Recent construction operations ningde sanduao 30 - working in the port city of Australia deepwater port 1 (40 ton hydraulic structure) specialization of iron ore discharging berth, 20 ton iron ore specialized shipping berth # 2 and coastline of 810 meters, water depth - 28 meters, terminal equipped with 5, 3500 tons of the most advanced ship unloader. Single discharge capacity of 2856 tons/hour, full automatic belt machine, material piling and taking machine, mixed equipment, such as yard area of 8.61 million square meters. Annual capacity of 30 million tons. 2, 3, 4 berths construction respectively 20 ton bulk and 40 ton bulk cargo berth. Company terminal international main channel 30 miles. Pier rear trunk highway, highway, high-speed railway, highway freight railroads, in the transport distance, convenient degree, to adapt to the ship type, security, environmental protection, many aspects, such as development space to form the unique advantages, through the water transfer, water, rail transport, multimodal transport tongda in northeast Asia, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, the interior, Taiwan and other regions the fastest, the most flexible, one of the most economic and efficient port. Company build southeast coastal international ore distribution center, the main services, the discharge, transit, distribution, mixed ore, reserves, bonded, financial, trade and trading platform for the integration of the whole supply chain service system, providing customers with enthusiasm, high quality, high efficiency, characteristic of the service.
Historical Changes
  • Before the tang dynasty
    Sanduao history is one of the flourishing foreign trade port in China. Long before the tang dynasty, sanduao is developed. Since then to the five dynasties fujian Wang Wang audit rule, due to communication of port construction and to the north sea.
  • In 1452
    Ming dynasty opened up the transport routes, in 1452 (Ming XFX three years), the court in the mooring managed by yu river course.
  • In 1684
    In 1684(the twenty-third year of the reign of emperor kangxi) , the qing government in sanduao have ningde tax total mouth.
  • in 1898
    In 1898 (qing guangxu twenty-four years) officially opened sanduao, become a foreign trade port.
  • In 1899
    In May 1899, sanduao set up at the customs.
  • In 1952
    Sanduao was ordered to bi facility in 1952.
  • In 1993
    On September 23, 1993, the state council approved SanDouAoCheng port as a national first class ports open to foreign ships.
  • In 2005
    In November 2005 Sanduao international terminal company was set up.
  • In 2013
    In 2013, xi jinping, general secretary of the proposed major initiative "area", the word "silk road" is endowed with a new life, sanduao was incorporated into one of the important port of maritime silk road.
  • In 2016
    On October 28, 2016, The government approvaled construction SanDouAoCheng Macao assignments section 1, 300000 tons of ore berth, discharge (reserved 400000 tons of hydraulic structure). Synchronous construction of no. 2, 250000 tons of ore berth of shipment. Southeast coast's largest specialized ore terminal.
Company Strategy
Actively integrate into the major national strategic planning, the construction of "Maritime Silk Road" important international port hub. With the excellent natural and geographical location of Sanduo, as well as the broad economic hinterland, enough international and domestic transit trade, with world-class port facilities, the most advanced, modern, multi-functional, high efficiency, green environment center. To the seamless convergence of the efficient logistics system, co-ordinate the market, finance, insurance, bonded and other soft resources, the formation of financial trade, mining, shipowners, ports, railways, steel and other related port services as a whole, efficient service system. For the southeast coast and even the development and expansion of China's port logistics industry to provide a solid foundation. Depth development and strategic cooperation with the world port, enhance the international competitiveness of the port.
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