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Ore Business


We sanduao port city by belong to Macao assignments section 1-2 specialized ore berth, mainly provide ore handling, storage, custody, mixed ore, ShuYun, and bonded logistics services such as business, is the largest ore transshipment in southeast coastal distribution center.

    A, ore handling is introduced 

1, Berth situation: with 40 ton discharging berth, 25 ton shipment berths, a coastline of total length of 875 meters, the depth of the water - 29 meters, wharf integrated with capacity of 30 million tons.

2, The equipment situation: the company owns the most advanced domestic three bridge-type grab ship unloader, stand-alone capacity of 3500 t/h, bucket wheel stacker reclaimer 4 machines, belt machine, 6340 m, 12 sets of single bucket loader, pushing rake machine 4 units, loadometer 4 sets, etc., adopt the most advanced computer management system, can meet the operation capacity of more than 30 - large bulk carrier. Company has a large operation equipment and mechanical matching flow, ensure that each of the arrival of the ship working efficiency to keep sea area leading level.

3, Stockpiling ability: terminal yard area of more than 885000 square meters, storage capacity of more than 6 million tons; Hardening treatment of the yard is equipped with storage of goods, materials, lighting, spray dusting, fire control, security monitoring, such as complete depot facilities, has a good storage conditions.

4,Loading and unloading process: A, boat - transfer ship B and C - yard - transit ship, the ship yard - the train (cars)

    B, the ore transshipment 

1, Water: water transfer mainly including Taiwan, Yangtze river delta, northeast Asian steel mills.

2, Railway: dredging port railway of ningde to quzhou railway, check on this port. Industrial enterprise level 1 railway, port south the train loading area, 800 meters long and 13 meters wide, 2 loading line, ore train using the loading floor. Loaded train using diesel locomotive traction. The loading floor rated capacity of 4500 t/h, control method for the automatic loading.

3, Trucks: by ningde city in Australia to high-speed, thou farmland dredging port into Shen Hai Taiwan high speed, high speed and the high net connection network throughout the country. Trucks dredging port to mainly includes surrounding areas in mine enterprises.

    C, port function and value-added services 

1, Bonded functions: the company set up bonded warehouses, provide reliable supply of goods for customers booking ore storage security.

2, Ore matching function: regional automatic intelligent ore matching system, ore matching capacity per hour up to 3000 tons.