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Of Chinese seaborne iron ore to the port in 2016 for the f

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On December 31, 2016, 21, as carrying 56000 tons of iron ore from India's port of the "ER BERGAMO" into the Qingdao port anchorage, seaborne iron ore imports of 2016 year China officially packaged.


According to hundred million Tehran, according to data provided by, all of 2016, China shipping port to hit a record amount of iron ore 1.01779 billion tons, up 4.68%, and it is also the first time quantity of seaborne iron ore to the port of China, more than 1 billion tons more than in 2015, the data of 972.28 million tons.


At the same time, the amount of seaborne iron ore to the port of China in 2016, 684.42 million tons, is issued by the Australian year-on-year growth of 4.24%, from Brazil 200.49 million tons, 12.67% year-on-year growth, increased significantly, from other countries to import 132.89 million tons, edged down 3.56% on the previous year.


"In 2016, the main reason for the increased iron ore to the port, is that China has a huge demand for iron ore, China's crude steel production in 2016 than in 2015 increased; increasing iron ore external dependence, in 2015, has more than 84%, in 2016 will further increase, further squeezes the domestic ore market; at the end of 2016 port inventories at the end of 2015 have a certain increase; market prices continue to rise in 2016, steel inventories have some improve reach trade link." Million navy navigation data of shipping books to tell Lin, an analyst at the Chinese times (public number: chinatimes) reporter.


Although China's strong demand for iron ore, but the total global seaborne iron ore fell in 2016, is 1.44753 billion tons, a 0.43% decline from 2015. From the top of the world's iron ore importer, apart from China to the port in 4.68% growth, India also increased by 7.58%, this is the decline in 2015 cases of success, in addition, the growth is Italy and Spain, the two countries like India, have shown as sharply lower in 2015 than in 2014, but a significant rebound in 2016. A decline in the country more, Asian Japan, Korea, China Taiwan region fell significantly, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Britain, Europe also fell.


Million of Tehran, statistics, however, to the amount of data is the ship reached port waters, namely with imports of customs statistics have certain difference.


In the book to view, China's iron ore imports peak has almost appeared in 2016.


"From the current situation, overall, in 2017 China's iron ore imports or a slight decline from 2016, the main reason is that China's crude steel output and consumption fell slightly in 2017, is expected to the possibility of port stocks rise further has smaller; domestic ore has been compressed to the limit." Lin to represent the book.


And on the premise of economic recovery, the importance of real estate in the fall, the demand for steel has or will have an impact.