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Sanduao Port Chengao Working Area assignments section

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Sanduao Port Chengao Working Area assignments section 1 berth for the national development and reform commission approved the construction approval. The pier is southeast coastal largest ore terminal. Ningde sanduao is important port and port of the maritime silk route node, also is the important channel of cross-strait "three links", the project construction can be further perfect the channel west bank port layout, improve the port service function, is the implementation of the state council for approval of the straits west bank economic zone development plan "and the need of the strategy of" Marine silk road "in China. Is conducive to further close economic ties across the Taiwan straits. Help to ensure the safety of ore imports in China. Raise the level of comprehensive traffic along the southeast coast. At the same time effectively promote port-vicinity industry and local economic and social development. The project by the state into the infrastructure of the first 80 to encourage social capital to participate in the construction operation of demonstration project ".


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